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Our staff

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Jordan Barney



(518) 755-6451

she / her


Wheeler Brown

Office Manager + Mutual Aid Coordinator


(518) 755-4544

he / him


Salim Chagüi-Sánchez

Communications Organizer


(518) 755-4364

they / elle


Diana Laura Cruz

Co-Executive Director (Programs and Services)


(518) 755-8000

she / ella

Diana's Bio

Noah Eckstein

Grants Manager


(518) 755 - 9752

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Ivy Hest

Co-Executive Director (Communications and Administration)


(518) 755-8022

she / ella

Ivy's Bio


B Kennedy

Food Justice Co-Coordinator


(518) 755- 0708

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JJ Kingman

Food Justice Co-Coordinator


(518) 755 - 3214

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Nina Loera

Grants Compliance Coordinator



they / elle


Iridian Lucas Garcia

Campaign Coordinator


(518) 755-7947

she / ella


Bryan MacCormack

Co-Executive Director (Community Organizing and Development)


(518) 755-7999

he / él / elle

Bryan's Bio


Mercè Martí I Expósito

DOJ Accredited Representative


(518) 755 - 7956

she / ella


Haley Powers

Resettlement Co-coordinator


(518) 755-4042

she / her / hers


David Quituisaca

Donor Organizer



he / él


Tony Ramirez, Mulit-media Artist In Residence


(518) 755-7981

he / él


Dawedo Sanon

Community Organizer


(518) 755-7990

she / ella


Key Consultants

Nelson Andino

Community Organizing Program Consultant


(518) 755-5306

he / him / el


Mabel Bermejo




Jimena Concha

Emergent Bilingual Instructor



Nidia Navarro

Community Organizing Program Consultant


(518) 755-8650

she / her / ella


For general inquiries:


(518) 303-3848


Diana Cruz

Diana Cruz (she/ella) joined CCSM in January 2021 as our Director of Programs and Services. Since coming on staff, Diana has taken our service work to a new level, expanding the number of people we work with and deepening our relationships with partner organizations to provide quality, liberatory support for our community. She lives in Dutchess County and has helped significantly expand our work south of Hudson! Diana received her Master’s degree for University at Albany in International Affairs with a concentration in Immigration Policy and Service Provision. Diana is a working-class DACA recipient and truly believes in walking alongside our members to help them reach their full potential.


Ivy Hest

Ivy Hest (she/ella) joined CCSM in April 2020 as the Director of Communications and Administration. Ivy is responsible for the backend work of CCSM which includes ensuring our member information is protected, putting out all of our communications and media work, and leading our grassroots fundraising efforts. She comes from almost two decades of community organizing across the country, working with immigrants, formerly incarcerated people, homeless women, and low-income seniors. With direct experience with the prison system, being disabled, and growing up with financial insecurity, Ivy is committed to building power with oppressed communities and dismantling white supremacy. She lives in Rensselaer County and has led multiple interruptions to the Rensselaer County Jail in protest of their collaboration with ICE and treatment of those in their custody.


Bryan MacCormack

Bryan MacCormack (he/el/elle) is a co-founder of Columbia County Sanctuary Movement. As a co-founder and Executive Director for five years leading up to this transition, Bryan has focused on community organizing, coalition building, and organizational development. Bryan is a working-class Hudson native who has been involved in union organizing, working with refugees, and organizing with immigrants for over a dozen years. He believes in dismantling white supremacy and has demonstrated what that means in practice during multiple direct interventions in ICE raids.