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CCSM was built from scratch by members and volunteers. From our coordinating committee to getting the important work done in our programming, volunteers add essential capacity to our organization. The key areas we are currently seeking participants for our free legal services, translation, web design, transportation, and grassroots fundraising. 

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To protect our members' information, we use a secure texting app called Signal. We ask that you download this app so that we can communicate safely with you! There is a tutorial video to download Signal here.

We are also trying to better track all the wonderful work you are doing! Track the hours you spent volunteering with us; We will ask you each month to share those numbers. This can be as simple as a notebook in your car where you track when you get in and out on a driving day, or you can use an app like Toggle and simply click "get started" to track your hours over the phone.

Please email volunteer@sanctuarycolumbiacounty.org with any additional questions.

If you are interested in interning with us for a semester (or more!), Please email us with the subject "Internship with CCSM".