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Translation and Interpretation

Language Justice is the idea that we should provide access to everyone, regardless of language, to all systems people interact with. 

The United States has no official language. Yet as a society, we often default to English, leaving out people who speak little or no English and worse, excluding them from places and services they have the right to access. We value all languages and strive to ensure language is not a barrier to any services CCSM provides by performing in-house translation and interpretation and working with interpretation collectives like the Hudson Valley Farm Hub. 

Providing simultaneous interpretation means a seamless interaction between people who do not share a common language. It enhances the experience of everyone in the room when we can all share our thoughts, stories, and experiences.


CCSM offers the following services to the general public:

Written Translation:

Spanish, Bangla, and Haitian Creole:

  • Vital documents (birth certificates, marriage certificates, etc) required for government applications- $10 per page, but no more than $40 per document
  • Other documents - $0.14 per word for non-profit organizations, $0.58 per word for anyone else.



Simultaneous Interpretation is where we use headsets to ensure a seamless conversation. Consecutive interpretation is where we take turns speaking in each language.

  • For simultaneous or consecutive interpretation-  $50 per hour for one interpreter for non-profit organizations, and $98 per hour for anyone else.

Please note we recommend having two interpreters to ensure the highest quality interpretation- interpretation is taxing work.


To request translation or interpretation, email Please request at least one week in advance.