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Neighbor to Neighbor Fund

The Neighbor-to-Neighbor Fund, a partnership between Columbia County Sanctuary Movement and the Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation, offers assistance to individuals and families in crisis. These grants most commonly range between $100 to $500 with larger amounts granted for exceptional circumstances. Grant funds can be used to pay for medications, health-related emergencies, car repairs, rent, utility payment, etc. and are distributed directly to the vendor (landlord, mechanic, pharmacy etc.) CCSM's Neighbor to Neighbor program is open ONLY to immigrants living in Columbia and Dutchess County. For assistance applying, contact Juan Flores at 518-537-4337.


We will prioritize first-time applicants, but accept applications for those who received prior funds based on need and availability. We will review the application and be in touch within two weeks of submitting your information. Providing an image of your invoice or bill when you apply will speed up the process.