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CCSM's NYS Legislative and Budget Priorities

CCSM 2022 Legislative and Budget Priorities

Many of the day-to-day struggles our community faces is a result of systemic injustices. We engage in legislative and budget campaigns to not only fix what is broken, but also to build a better world for everyone.


In 2022, our New York Legislative and Budget priorities are:

$3 Billion for the Excluded Workers Fund

While many workers received life-changing support from EWF, tens of thousands were left out. Just nine weeks after opening applications, the Department Of Labor (DOL)closed the fund, following surging demand that depleted the full $2.1 billion allocated. The DOL has estimated that 75,000 applicants were denied due to insufficient funds, which does not include those who never had the time to apply. Outside of NYC, community organizations did not have enough time to hire staff, complete outreach, and assist workers with applications. 


Excluded No More (A9037/S8165)

The fight for the Excluded Workers Fund showed us that our safety net system is filled with gaps that unjustly shut out many of New York’s most vulnerable workers, especially Black, brown, and immigrant workers in precarious low-wage industries. Our plan will remedy these injustices by providing unemployment compensation to workers who are excluded from regular unemployment insurance, primarily because of their immigration status or because of the kind of work they do.


Coverage for All (A880/S1572)

Coverage for All would provide quality, affordable health insurance for undocumented New Yorkers who are excluded from coverage. The plan would allocate $345 million to make workers eligible for coverage through a state- funded Essential Plan, which would allow approximately 46,000 workers to enroll annually when the program is fully implemented.


New York for All (A02328/S03076)

New York for All would bring New York in line with other states and major cities by making clear that state and local officials have no business enforcing immigration law. This critical legislation would help alleviate the fear that many immigrants and their families live with every day and allow them to care for their families, while also making sure that local governments don’t misuse their resources to advance a federal immigration agenda. The law would apply statewide, replacing the unworkable patchwork of local laws and policies New York has today.


Dignity Not Detentions (A7099A/S7373)

 The New York Dignity Not Detention Act prohibits state agencies from entering or continuing contracts with ICE, and prevents private businesses from operating detention facilities.  It will reunite families and communities while also enabling them to more capably fight deportation from home and not in cages.



Additional campaigns we've endorsed:

Access to Representation (A1964/S81A)

The Access to Representation Act is a first-in-the-nation piece of legislation that would empower immigrants to protect themselves and their families. No person should have to navigate our complex legal system without expert help, which is why CCSM supports access to legal counsel for all immigrant New Yorkers, regardless of income. Individuals facing deportation charges are not guaranteed a right to counsel—instead, those who can’t afford legal defense must find a non-profit able to help or represent themselves. Investing in legitimate legal resources will help eligible legal immigrants protect their rights during heightened, and often unchecked, immigration enforcement. It will also protect all immigrants who are vulnerable to fraudulent schemes, as non-authorized providers often seek to fill that gap in the market.


Clean Slate (A6399B/S1553C)

The Clean Slate NY campaign is fighting for a new law that will automatically clear a New Yorker’s conviction record once they become eligible. The civil damage a conviction record can inflict is often wide-ranging and enduring—permanently barring many individuals from basic opportunities like stable jobs, licenses to practice trades, and safe, secure housing. Clean Slate NY is about strengthening our communities by ensuring that New Yorkers are not punished beyond their sentences and can be full and fair participants in economic and civic life.


EMPIRE Act (A5876/S1848A)

The EmPIRE Worker Protection Act would raise millions in annual revenue for the state’s Department of Labor and help New Yorkers combat wage theft and other labor violations by letting whistleblowers file claims on behalf of the state against an employer for violating labor laws.


Legalization of street vending in NY (A508/S1175)

Street Vendor Legislation will lift the cap on street vendor permits and transition business oversight to a civilian agency, allowing vendors to obtain permits to operate their business legally. As a result, vendors can concentrate on boosting their sales and serving their customers, while creating a pathway to entrepreneurship and creating jobs in a time of economic recovery.


One Fair Wage (A2244/S808)

One Fair Wage (OFW) would replace the subminimum wage in New York with a minimum living wage for all workers. Governor Hochul can also end the subminimum wage for tipped restaurant workers through Executive Action.


Justice Roadmap

The New York State Justice Roadmap is a downloadable living document that outlines a path to justice reform legislation including ending the war on drugs & criminalization of mental illness, de-carcerating jails, promoting investment rather than wealth extraction in marginalized communities, prioritizing community safety above policing and much more.