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How to Gather Your Documents

Gathering your documents is an essential part of preparing your Excluded Worker Fund application, as well as applying for an ITIN, drivers' license, and other benefits.  Here are some resources to get the documentation you need:

Drivers License

US Passport

Birth Certificate

Letter from your employer

Self-employed letter



Driver's License:

A Driver's License is worth 4 points for proof of identity, and a permit is worth 3 points. You must have a total of 5 points to prove your identity.

Here's a video about how to make an appointment on the Columbia County DMV website.


US Passport

A non-expired US passport is worth 4 points for Proof of Identity the Excluded Worker Fund (out of 4). The Department of Labor will accept a passport that is expired up to 2 years (US or foreign) for 2 points. Make sure your passport is up-to-date so you can access the funds you deserve!



El Salvador:





Birth Certificate

A foreign birth certificate is worth 1 point for Proof of Identity for the Excluded Worker Fund-- you need a total of 5 points! Here is how to track down your foreign birth certificate in some countries.


Guatemala --Registro Nacional de las Personas:

Bangladesh -- 

Guyana -- 

Honduras-- Send a family member or friend as your proxy to the Registro Nacional de las Personas (RNP) in Honduras

El Salvador -- Send a family member or friend as your proxy to the Registro del Estado Familiar in El Salvador. 


Letter from your employer sample

In order to prove work eligibility and loss of income for the Excluded Worker Fund, you need a short letter from your employer-- here's a sample one! This letter must be in English.

For more resources on how to talk to your employer, go here!


Self-employed letter sample

Are you self-employed? You can write your own letter of employment for work history. We don’t yet know how many points this will be worth, but you can prepare yourself by getting this letter together-- here's a sample one! This letter must be in English. To self-certify your translation of documents, use this template.


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