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Columbia County Sanctuary Movement organizes with immigrants and allies to collectively support, empower, and defend our communities.

CCSM was founded in rural NY so we could build a base, create direct service infrastructure, and support a political home for immigrants. Since the beginning, we have utilized a service and organizing model that engages our community of members directly in our work. This approach was birthed out of necessity and grew naturally. We believe long-term systemic change comes from bottom-up organizing through establishing leadership from directly impacted communities and forming relationships grounded in solidarity and mutual aid. Our holistic approach demonstrates how investing in a single person can have a lasting effect on their family, their community, and the quality of life for immigrants in New York.


El Movimiento Santuario del Condado de Columbia organiza con inmigrantes y aliados para apoyar, empoderar y defender colectivamente nuestras comunidades.

Estamos enfocados en la acción y holístico, proporcionando servicios de supervivencia para necesidades inmediatas mientras luchamos para soluciones a largo plazo a través de la organización.

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