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Caribbean Festival

2024 Caribbean Festival


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On Saturday, July 27, 2024, Columbia County Sanctuary Movement will host our 1st Caribbean Festival in Albany, NY From 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM at Jennings Landing!


Join over 2,000 people from across the region in Albany for a day of celebrating Caribbean culture, its people, arts, and local businesses.


The Hudson Valley and the Capital Region has a huge immigrant population that is often overlooked, undeserved, and underrepresented in the region. The Columbia County Sanctuary Movement has a mission to strengthen immigrant power around the region. 


Attendees will have the opportunity to enjoy popular national dishes from the places where many of our community members originate. The sharing of a meal has been a tradition since the beginning of time that celebrates family, culture, the exchange of thought & philosophies, and most importantly, the preservation of history through storytelling.


This year's Caribbean Festival will boast an array of popular local and international musical and cultural performances.  We will have traditional stilt walkers, healing stations, circus and other activities for kids, community resource tables, and more. Join us for a day of community family fun with the Columbia County Sanctuary Movement.






Rhythm Piink

Kiddy Kash

Gucci Boss & Pablo G



DJ King Bully

DJ Sixx Figgaz



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Harry Ayizan, Gregory Azouke and Jude Yatande Sanon are singers, guitarists, composers and percussionists steeped in the traditions of Haitian folklore and honed by the streets and music scene of New York.
As pioneers of mizik rasin (roots music) in the 70’s they played in Lobodja and Foula forming “music styles that crossed the indigenous Vodou and Rara based music with the codes of commercial pop music” (McAlister, Elizabeth “Rara”) and in Sanba Yo were “a more traditionalist counterpart to Foula’s avant-garde Vodou-jazz”. (Averill, Gage “A day for the Hunter, A day for the Prey”) In New York they formed Vodoule and AZAKA, electrifying crowds from Louisiana to Washington as they toured with the Rolling Stones.

Individually they have played and recorded with prominent Haitian Rasin-pop acts including Boukan Ginen and Loray and have toured in Japan, Holland, Trinidad, Cuba & Brazil. Currently AZAKA is playing on radios in Port au Prince and New York.

Azaka will sweep you out to sea and move you like the waters surrounding the island home of this music and the Sanon Brothers who transport you. Dance you will in this rhythmic and lyrical whirlpool of pulsing Haitian roots music, contemporary rock and the poetry of troubadours.


Recording artist from Jamaica.


Rhythm Piink

Tiffany Houston, widely known as Rhythm Piink, was born in Georgetown, Guyana. Rhythm Piink migrated to the United States, where she grew up in NYC in Flatbush, Brooklyn to be exact. As Piink gained success, she won numerous dancehall queen titles & performed internationally, where she would then be introduced to making music. Popular DJs such as DJ Kenny, Rodney Rodney, Skerrit Bwoy & Joelt Jamkam paved the way. 
Rhythm Piink has opened for artists such as Wayne Wonder, Dexta Dapps, Aidonia, Kranium, Gully Bop, Mavado, Spice, Tifa, Masicka, Stylo G, Ioctane, Jahmiel, Serani, Konshens & Ding Dong. To date, Piink has several musical hits making rounds internationally such as Thirst Quencha, Believe, Operate Mi, Mirror Mirror & Imagine If. 

Instagram: @Rhythmpiinkmuzik

YouTube: @rhythmpiinkofficialVEVO, @Rhythmpiink