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Become a member of CCSM


We are growing a movement of immigrants and allies in the Upper Hudson Valley & Capital Region, and we need to show our numbers and power! You can learn more about what we do, from services to community organizing, to community building by browsing our website.

Why join as a member?

Power comes in many forms, and we know that we are stronger when we work together. By joining as a member of CCSM, you can:
    •    Help us build our organization
    •    Build strong community
    •    Learn through leadership development trainings
    •    Get involved in ongoing campaigns
    •    Build multi-racial, multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, and multi-generational community
    •    Find your place in the movement
    •    Show decision-makers that we are a force to be listened to!

Who can join?

We welcome:
    •    People who have received services or participated in CCSM campaigns
    •    Volunteers of CCSM
    •    People who have an immigration story- whether or not you’ve participated in politics before. 
    •    People who have had a direct or indirect experience with the immigration system- if you are an immigrant or your family is, if you have had contact with ICE, or simply know others who might have been afraid of contact with ICE. 
    •    People who can vote and can influence elected officials 
    •    Those of you who are simply trying to keep your families together and do what you can. 

Members self-identify as being directly impacted by the immigration system or as an ally- we will never question your identity, nor will we hold you to the same identity at every meeting.

As one of our Coordinating Committee members Jimena shared, we need to learn how to work together so that we can stand together. We believe if you are committed to building our movement, you have a place in it!

What does it mean to join?

Members agree to uphold our statement of principles and can participate in member-focused events and activities. For now, there are no membership dues associated with becoming a member.

A “member” includes anyone impacted by the immigration system and volunteers of CCSM. Current and prospective members can join our regular membership meetings. We will discuss campaigns, up-to-date policies and laws relevant to immigrants, and make critical decisions about our strategies, direction, and goals.

One of our core principles is leadership from experience: we prioritize the voices of those most impacted by the immigration system.

Sign me up!

We are incredibly excited about the next stage of CCSM and hope you will join us!

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