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Food security

Comida Para La Gente Food Security Program


“The Sanctuary Movement’s food program put food on my family’s table during the pandemic, while my husband was detained. We appreciate it a lot”

In response to the pandemic CCSM launched a the Comida para la Gente food security program. Since then we have distributed over 350,000 pounds of hot meals and groceries to over 100 immigrant families in Columbia and Greene County. 

Every Thursday Night, CCSM volunteers deliver hot meals to community members’ homes in collaboration with the Columbia County Recovery Kitchen

Every Friday morning, in collaboration with Centro Cristiano Renacer, we provide boxes of groceries including food from the Regional Food Bank of the Northeast and fresh local produce. We receive produce from Sweet Freedom Farm, Long Table Harvest, Roxbury Farm, Wally Farms and chickens from Shaker Creen Farm in partnership with Berkshire Grown

Our partnership with Sweet Freedom Farm enables us to provide locally grown, organic, and culturally relevant products such as indigenous varieties of corn, beans, epazote, tomatillos, and cilantro to our community. 

It is deeply troubling to know that the very workers at the center of our food system - farm workers, dairy workers, restaurant workers- go without food. Our food program ensures not just access to food, but also that our food centers our community and prioritizes partnerships with farms and organizations that are led by people of color.


To sign up to receive food deliveries, email or call (518)303-3848.

To sign up to volunteer as a driver, fill out our volunteer interest form!


“The food program has helped me out a lot financially. I like having fresh food like vegetables. I like the days that I can pick up my food myself so I can choose what I like and refuse what I know I will not eat so food won’t go to waste.“