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Our History

A dinner between three Latinx community members and one ally in October 2016 has grown into the collective accomplishments of CCSM.Our movement has grown more powerful by the day! Here's just a snapshot of all we've accomplished:


  • CCSM is the Capital Region anchor or steering committee member of three campaigns simultaneously: the Unemployment Bridge Program, Raise Up NY, and Access to Representation Act
  • CCSM dramatically expands its Comida Para la Gente Food Justice program, providing meals to other populations in need of food security such as Bliss Towers, Providence Hall, and the food apartheid region of the Bronx with La Morada


  • CCSM pushes Hudson City School District to unanimously pass a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion policy, with significant attention to language justice
  • CCSM launches Financial Empowerment workshops with Greylock Credit Union about starting a business, buying a home, opening a bank account and more
  • CCSM is part of the pilot program Friends of the Court, allowing community members to appear in front of a judge virtually in some cases
  • CCSM launches the fight for Excluded No More, a campaign to create a system that would provide unemployment funds for those ineligible for traditional Unemployment
  • CCSM begins Emergent Bilingual classes, with a model that focuses on the unique needs and interests of our community members


  • VICTORY! The historic Excluded Worker Fund is passed, designating $2.1Billion in pandemic relief to workers excluded from state and federal support
  • CCSM and allies win non-cooperation agreement prohibiting Columbia County Sheriff's Department from collaborating with ICE without a judicial warrant
  • CCSM responds to the food insecurity crisis by becoming a member of the Northeast NY Regional Food Bank, distributes over 400,000 pounds of groceries and hot meals to our community
  • CCSM hosts the first Latinx Parade and Festival in Hudson with over 1,000 in attendance
  • CCSM joins the advisory board for Hudson Up, the region's first Universal Basic Income program
  • CCSM transitions to a Co-Executive Director structure, enshrining our commitment to shared leadership and caring for one another


  • VICTORY! NY passes the Protect Our Courts Act, which prevents ICE from conducting raids in court without a warrant
  • CCSM launches the two mutual aid programs: Mano a Mano Mutual Aid Fund (which has distributed almost $200,000 in mutual aid) and Comida Para la Gente, which has distributed over 400,000 pounds of culturally relevant food
  • CCSM successfully pushes Columbia County to add a translation feater to all county and sub-county websites
  • CCSM is recognized by the Department of Justice to provide legal representation to low income immigrants
  • CCSM wins a non-cooperation policy with Catskill Police Department, preventing the police from doing ICE's bidding


  • CCSM members, volunteers, and staff intervene in 4 ICE raids with our rapid response network
  • CCSM creates a viral Know Your Rights video after preventing ICE from entering a vehicle
  • VICTORY! Green Light Law passes in NY with a coalition of 300 organizations, giving undocumented immigrants the right to driver's licenses
  • CCSM is awarded the North Star Fund's Frederick Douglass Award


  • CCSM becomes the Capital Region coordinators of the Green Light campaign, the first time we have served in this role


  • CCSM officially becomes a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization
  • Coordinating Committee is formed, a unique model of organizational leadership that distributes power and commits to horizontal leadership
  • CCSM joins New York Immigration Coalition
  • CCSM responds to first Trump era raid launching renowned rapid response program
  • Community members launch first campaign to make Hudson Welcoming and Inclusive City; it's the biggest turnout of immigrants at Hudson City Hall in history
  • Mujeres Victoriosas Women's Group is formed to support directly impacted Latinx women


  • CCSM is founded in response to threats by immigration enforcement and election candidates