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Legal Program

CCSM is thrilled to announce the launch of our legal program! As part of our mission to aid and empower immigrants, we’re taking ownership over the immigration process, and helping people to create their own story. We have staff members with Department Of Justice (DOJ) accreditation, who are prepared to guide people through their journey applying for DACA. In the future, we hope to expand our program further!

How it works: 

  1. Please watch the three videos below, which teach you what you need to know to apply for DACA.
  2. Gather the documents described in the second video, “What documents do you need to apply for DACA?” Remember- the more prepared you are, the sooner we can get your application in!
  3. Fill out this form to be notified when we are open for appointments.


Video 1: What is DACA and how do I apply? (In Spanish, subtitles available in English)

Video 2: What documents do I need to apply for DACA? (Bilingual)

Video 3: Live Q&A: DACA recipients share their experience (Bilingual)