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Mano a Mano Mutual Aid Fund- Second Round

This application is only for those who have already received a funds from Mano a Mano. If this is your first time applying, please click on this link.


CCSM Announces Second Round of Mano A Mano Mutual Aid Fund Grants

CCSM is offering immigrants in Columbia and Greene counties (NY) a mutual aid grant to meet basic needs during the COVID pandemic. Each recipient will be eligible for two $300 grants. Two members per household can apply for the grant. 

All grant decisions are made on a first-come, first serve basis until the Mano A Mano Mutual Aid Fund has $8,000 remaining. At that point, we will begin evaluating applications on a case by case basis and prioritize first time applicants over second time applicants. 

Our case by case grant decisions seek to uplift and prioritize those who are most impacted by the pandemic, injustice and the economic crises. In order to guide our decisions we added several new questions to our application: description of the severity of individual situations, how applicants identify themselves, and what particular needs applicants have. The answers to these questions will help CCSM understand both the economic situation of an applicant and how they may be affected by systemic oppressions (ex: racism, sexism, homophobia, etc..). 

In an effort to serve community members most impacted by COVID and in most need of financial mutual aid, as of 9/1/20 we are ONLY accepting applications from individuals who are NOT eligible for government support during COVID, such as a stimulus check or unemployment benefits.

Your response to this question will be the primary source of information for our decision to give funds. Please give as much detail as possible.