FAQ for EWF | Columbia County Sanctuary Movement CRM


Can I use a joint tax return to apply, even if the joint income was more than $26,208? What about if I made less than $26,208 but my partner made more?

Yes, applicants can use joint tax returns as proof of work history, thereby satisfying all 5 points. They can apply if the joint income was more than the income threshold ($26,208) so long as the applicant's individual income from 4/1/2020 to 4/1/2021 was less than the threshold.


If I received one or more stimulus checks from the federal government, will that affect my eligibility for the fund?

No. Stimulus checks have no bearing on your eligibility for the Excluded Worker Fund.


What if my ID has a different address than my other documents?

It's ok if the addresses do not match, but all addresses must be in NYS and you must still be a current NYS resident.


Do I need an ITIN to apply?

No, you do not need an ITIN to apply. The application will ask you if you filed a tax return with an ITIN number or Social Security Number (SSN). If you did not, just select no and move forward with your application.


I made a mistake on my application and I want to fix it. Can I start a new application?

No, you should correct the mistakes on the application you started. If you submit multiple applications under one name, you may be flagged fro fraud. If for some reason you cannot access your application, call the DOL at 877-393-4697 and say "agent".


When's the last day to apply?

New Applications were closed as of October 8th, 2021.