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Tips to apply

A few notes about the application if you apply on your own:

  • If you don't have a computer, you can apply online using a smartphone.
  • The online application is available in thirteen different languages. At any point in the application process, there should be a circular globe-like button in the top right corner of the application screen. If you click on it, a drop down menu will appear: select "change language" to complete the application in another language
  • The same document may be submitted to prove your identity and to prove your residency.
    • At least one document for identity and/or residency must have your photo
    • At least one document must show your date of birth
  • The documents you provide must be unexpired, with some exceptions:
    • An expired U.S. or Foreign-Issued Passport or Expired Foreign-Issued Driver License that is expired by no more than two years will be accepted, though they are worth fewer points than unexpired documents
    • An IDNYC that expired in 2020 or is set to expire in 2021 will be considered "unexpired" for purposes of the application"
  • The documents must be in English OR accompanied by a certified English translation. (You may prepare the translation on your own on a separate piece of paper. You can certify your own translation using a copy of this document.)
  • The documents must be easy to read (i.e. not blurry or damaged)
  • You can click on the blue "i" icon next to certain documents for more information about them.
  • Documents should be in .jpeg, .pdf, or .png format
  • Make sure you upload the full document, including front and back
  • Make sure a photo captures all 4 corners of the document
  • Take a photo with flash (without shadows), with high resolution, and on a flat surface
  • Carefully review your application before you submit it!
    • Make sure all of your information is correct, including your name, address, contact phone number, date of birth, residential address and mailing address
    • Make sure the documents are clear, readable, and complete.
  • NOTE: Submitting an application with false information or false documents can have serious consequences, including criminal charges and having to return all money received


What should I do after completing my application?

Stay alert for communications from the DOL!

  • It may take several weeks to receive a determination. During this time, it is very important that you stay vigilant checking your email or for texts from the DOL regarding your claim.
  • If the DOL asks for additional documents, you will only have 7 days to submit them. If the DOL denies your application, you will only have 7 days to appeal the decision.
  • Emails from the DOL will come from the address, and texts will come from the number (833)586-1144. You may want to add this email address or phone number to your contacts to make sure you see any emails or texts.


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