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Become a Movement Sustainer

Movement Sustainers are our monthly donors- those of you committed to fighting for immigrants rights and support Columbia County Sanctuary monthly.

We all know that building a movement takes time. Many immigrants are harmed by our system in multiple ways- and to really have an immigrant-centered movement, we need to support the whole person. That means not just working with them on one issue and sending someone on their way, but ensuring that person has access to everything they can so they can thrive, as well as be supported in their leadership on the issues that matter most to them so they can lead our movement.

Your support helps us build our movement. We are able to provide programs that directly meed the needs of our community- needs that, without the work of CCSM, are so often unmet due to language barriers, lack of services in rural areas, and fear. We are able to be nimble and respond to what the community needs because of your support.

As a Movement Sustainer, will receive approximately one email each month as part of our email listserve, and receive a call about twice a year to update you on everything we've been up to.

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