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Justice for Alima

Alima Bonsa's Story of Human Trafficking in Upstate NY

During an online press conference hosted by CCSM on June 18th, Alima Bonsa shared her experiences of being trafficked, abused, and raped by Allen Stack. Alima is known in the community for her business, "Alima's African Cuisine".

Then on Thursday, June 25th, over 100 members of the community gathered to support Alima as she continued her fight to maintain custody of her three children. County Supervisor Linda Mussman, Jabin Ahmed, Gloria Martinez, Bryan MacCormack, and Ngonda Badila also spoke at the rally.

We must ensure that an investigation is completed. 


  • Your elected officials (ask them if they signed on to our letter!)
  • Attorney General Letitia James’ office to ask her to monitor the case. When you call, dial option 3, then option 6.
  • New York State Police to demand a thorough investigation. 845-677-7300

You can also donate to Alima's GoFundMe, which formerly raised funds for her food truck but now is raising legal fees.

"For 20 years I've been doing this by myself, working, trying to fight on my own. And that's not going to happen anymore. Now I know I'm not alone. We will fight together!" - Alima Bonsa

Learn about Alima's story here.