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CCSM 2022 Member Assembly Voting Results


We are excited to share the voting results from our Member Assembly. A total of 115 members submitted ballots: 72 were in person votes and 43 were absentee ballots. All Ballots were Counted and Verified by Cristina Cavaleri & Dawedo Sanon.


QuestionsYes    No         Abstain    
Are you or your family directly impacted by the immigration system?704203

Vote: Do you vote for Gloria Martinez as Co-President?


Vote: Do you vote for David Quituisaca as Co-President?


Do you vote for Jody Bolluyt as Treasurer?


Vote: Do you vote for Jenifer Benn as Secretary?


Vote: Do you vote for Juan Flores onto the Board of Directors?


Amendment 1: Adopt a weighted voted system which gives members who identify themselves as directly impacted immigrants two votes to every one vote cast by members who identify themselves as a not directly impacted or an ally.

Amendment 2: Increase timeframe for organization to hold Annual Member Assembly from the month of November to between June and December1010410
Amendment 3: Increase minimum notice of Annual Member Assembly from 10 days to 14 days.1030408

Amendment 4: Allow members to sign a membership pledge and become an eligible voter up until the start of the assembly.

Amendment 5: Change minimum number of board members from 7 to 5 board members.771523

Amendmet 6: Change Executive Director language to Co-Executive Director language, giving all Co-Executive equal powers and ex-officio position on the board.


Amendment 7: Add language to represent that the Coordinating Committee advises and guides our board of directors and that the Executive Committee, Financial Committee and Nominations committee must have one (1) or more directors and (3) or more coordinating committee members.


Amendment 8: Enable absentee vote to be cast up until the day before a member assembly rather than 2 days before.

Amendment 9: Change CCSM’s fiscal year from the calendar year to July 1st to June 30th.910519




Congratulations to our incoming Board of Directors:



David Quituisaca, Co Chair


David is a native New Yorker who grew up in Downstate New York and moved to the Catskill region in early 2018. David felt like there was a lack of diversity and progressive views in the Catskill area, which almost drove him to move back downstate. All that changed when he joined CCSM. David was able to meet so many LatinX folks in the area and make connections with some incredible Allies. David beleivesThe Catskills should be a home to everyone, no matter where you came from.

David currently serves as CCSM's Volunteer Coordinator, and is on the Coordinating Committee, Latinx Festival Committee, Personnel Committee, and emcee/helped plan our 5th anniversary celebration.


Gloria Martinez, Co Chair


Gloria Martinez (Co-Founder) is a first generation Mexican-Salvadorian American. She works closely with the immigrant community to uplift and empower individuals who have been victims of the deportation machine. She also founded Mujeres Victoriosas, CCSM's support group for women impacted by the immigration system.

Gloria currently serves on the Coordinating Committee, Latinx Festival Committee, Mujeres Victoriosas, Personnel Committee, Hiring Committee, and was emcee/helped plan our 5th anniversary celebration.


Jody Bolluyt, Treasurer


Jody Bolluyt has served as treasurer of CCSM for the past 3 years. She is one of the farmer owners of Roxbury Farm CSA, one of the largest CSAs in the country based in Kinderhook, NY. She also serves on the board of Equity Trust.

Jody also serves on the Coordinating Committee and Financial Committee of CCSM.


Jenifer Benn, Secretary


Jen is a native of Guyana. She has been a CCSM member for 5 years. Jenifer is extremely involved in activism, and wears many hats within the community. She has evolved into one of the leader within the organization, and is committed to the growth and development of CCSM.

Jenifer serves on the Coordinating Committee, Personnel Committee, Hiring Committee, Intake Committee, and helped plan our 5th anniversary celebration.


Juan Flores, Director


Juan Flores is a retired assistant principal. He is a graduate of Teacher's College with a masters in Bilingual Bicultural education. He worked in the Bronx NY for 25 years serving immigrant families by addressing the needs of English language learners. His work at CCSM includes addressing the needs of immigrant families and the academic needs of unaccompanied minors.

Juan has served as Board Secretary for the past 3 years. He also sits on the Coordinating Committee and Emergency Fund Committee.



Bryan MacCormack, Co Executive Director


Bryan MacCormack (he/el/elle) is a co-founder of Columbia County Sanctuary Movement. As a co-founder and Executive Director for five years leading up to this transition, Bryan has focused on community organizing, coalition building, and organizational development. Bryan is a working-class Hudson native who has been involved in union organizing, working with refugees, and organizing with immigrants for over a dozen years. He believes in dismantling white supremacy and has demonstrated what that means in practice during multiple direct interventions in ICE raids.


Ivy Hest, Co Executive Director


Ivy Hest joined CCSM in April 2020 as the Director of Communications and Administration. Ivy is responsible for the backend work of CCSM which includes ensuring our member information is protected, putting out all of our communications and media work, and leading our grassroots fundraising efforts. She comes from almost two decades of community organizing across the country, working with immigrants, formerly incarcerated people, homeless women, and low-income seniors. With direct experience with the prison system, being disabled, and growing up with financial insecurity, Ivy is committed to building power with oppressed communities and dismantling white supremacy. She lives in Rensselaer County and has led multiple interruptions to the Rensselaer County Jail in protest of their collaboration with ICE and treatment of those in their custody.



Diana Cruz, Co Executive Director


Diana Cruz joined CCSM in January 2021 as our Director of Programs and Services. Since coming on staff, Diana has taken our service work to a new level, expanding the number of people we work with and deepening our relationships with partner organizations to provide quality, liberatory support for our community. She lives in Dutchess County and has helped significantly expand our work south of Hudson! Diana received her Master’s degree for University at Albany in International Affairs with a concentration in Immigration Policy and Service Provision. Diana is a working-class DACA recipient and truly believes in walking alongside our members to help them reach their full potential.


We look forward to working with our new board and incredible leaders on our steering committee and among our membership.